Draw Every Day – week 5

This week I worked on my commissioned portrait. I also did a little “warm up” drawing, which took me five days to finish. This process confirmed something I already knew. I don’t really enjoy making quick sketches and doodles: I prefer to take a bit more time and produce a more “finished” drawing, however small it may be.

Day 29. Practising smooth shading without using blending tools.
Day 30. More shading – adding layers. A slow and relaxing process.
Day 31. Adding some details.
Day 32. Very little time for drawing, but I did manage to add something to this.
Day 33. I finished this, whatever it is.
Day 34. Today I just worked on my commission. This is a small, and very magnified, part of it.
Day 35. Again, I only did commission drawing. Another small, and magnified, part.

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