Draw Every Day – week 3

This week I struggled to draw every day, and had to force myself a couple of times. Towards the end of the week I stared a new animal portrait commission, so now my draw every day drawings will be little “warm up” drawings.

Day 15. Something that grew across my paper.
Day 16. One of the days I struggled.
Day 17. A much better drawing today, although I didn’t manage to finish it.
Day 18. Finished day 17’s growing thing. I like this one.
Day 19. Another “difficult” day – I added a very little to day 14’s doodle.
Day 20. I did quite a lot of drawing, mostly starting my new commission. I also added some more random bits to this one.
Day 21. More commission work today. This is my “warm up” piece. The circle is about 5.5cm diameter. I plan to do one of these little circles every day.

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