Draw Every Day – week 2

This week’s drawings. Some days I managed a detailed drawing, today just a few lines!

Day 8. Pumpkin drawn with graphite and Derwent Artists colour pencils. Reference from Pixabay.
Day 9. A very rainy start to the day. I drew water drops on the window.
Day 10. A feather I found some time ago. I don’t know what bird it would have come from.
Day 11. I started this, whatever it is.
Day 12. I added to yesterday’s drawing. I still don’t know what it is – maybe some organic spreading thing, like a slime mould. Whatever it is, I found the process of drawing it quite therapeutic.
Day 13. Another growing thing. This was drawn with white Derwent Drawing pencil on black paper. (Just as difficult to photograph as graphite!)
Day 14. Today I really ran out of time so this is a very quick one. I may add to it sometime.

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