Draw Every Day – week 1

I have decided, now that I have an art space inside the boat, that I want to do some sort of drawing every day. It may only be a doodle, or a small sketch. I need to make drawing more of a habit, whether or not I am working on a commission or another “serious” piece.

Today I completed the first week of my “draw every day”. Some days have been easy, others less so. Here are the first seven drawings. Graphite on paper, unless otherwise stated.

Day 1 – tree doodle
Day 2 – plantain head, drawn from life
Day 3 – a fallen leaf I picked up from the towpath
Day 4 – a bulldog clip, from life
Day 5 – a fountain pen doodle. This started as fairly random shapes, then I thought maybe it could be a plan of an ornamental garden, with paths, lakes, trees, bushes and flowerbeds, in the middle of a country estate.
Day 6 – a snail shell, drawn from life. One of my small collection of shells that I have found on towpaths.
Day 7 – a doodle, using a carbon pencil. This may have been inspired by my time in Namibia, where there are many spiky things.

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