Octopus in different media

As a change from portraits, I found an interesting photo on Morguefile, and decided to draw it in different media.

I started with the medium I am most familiar with: 0.5mm mechanical pencil, graphite grades 4B, 2B, HB and 2H. Drawn on Daley Rodney smooth cartridge paper, A5 size.

I drew the second version with Derwent black and white pastel pencils, on Sea white grey craft paper (A5). This was much quicker to draw.

The third drawing is Derwent Lightfast pencils on Daler Rowney smooth cartridge paper, A5. (Part of the reason for choosing the subject was that it uses colours I don’t use much for animal portraits.)

I plan to do more versions of this drawing, using more different media, but I think I will draw something different next!

This is the the reference photo.

Photo on Morguefile, by K Connors,

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