Cape Griffon Vulture

My drawing of a Cape Griffon Vulture. Drawn with graphite pencils on A4 size heavyweight cartridge paper. Reference photo from the Namibian Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST).

The drawing will be auctioned for REST’s Honey Bun Fundraiser, along with many other works of art.

Quote from REST:
“The Cape vulture is Namibia’s most endangered species. I will argue with anyone that vultures are also the most important animal in Africa. It has now been proven with post doc research that they are immune to diseases such as anthrax, botulism & rabies & many studies are showing that they inhibit the spread of such diseases far more than any potential to circulate them.
Most of Africa has a major vulture crisis with population numbers plummeting due mainly to poisoning. REST estimates based on years of observations, that we have probably lost 50-80% of these magnificent birds. Now the future will show if these diseases will contaminate our wildlife, domestic animals & human populations because there are simply not enough birds to consume infected dead animals before disease is spread.
Humans don’t have cures for anthrax etc which is why so many nations worry it could be used as a bio weapon. We need to save these spectacular birds not just because they’re amazing, but because they clean the environment we humans live in & could eventually teach us about immunity from some very serious diseases.”

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